NZ Council of Sikh Affairs

New Zealand Council of Sikh Affairs (NZCSA) is the foremost New Zealand Sikh organisation with a wide-ranging footprint on community activities.

NZCSA provides religious, cultural, political, social, and educational services to Sikhs of New Zealand and liaises with diverse New Zealand communities and other institutions for common interest seminars, events and festivals.

Auckland Diversity Festival and community warden patrols are the main initiatives of NZCSA. In addition, a number of academic projects are underway.

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Indian Wardens get a car for community safety patrolling

5 December 2021 -

NZ Council of Sikh Affairs has actively been providing services through its Community Safety Action Group. As part of this initiative, Rana Judge formed Indian Wardens five years ago. The purpose of the wardens is to inculcate sense of security among Papatoetoe businesses. Indian Wardens are very popular in the area and attract a lot of volunteers. Currently, 15 volunteer wardens work closely with local businesses in Papatoetoe.

It is a pleasure to announce that Jagjit Singh Sidhu (Immigration Matters) and Khushi Watson (NZ Cars) joined hands and provided the Indian Wardens with a car for community patrolling. Khushi Watson is also going to provide ongoing insurance and maintenance support for this car. NZ Council of Sikh Affairs is thankful to both for their kind support.